by The Freaking Plus Entity

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Released March 9th, 2016 3:27 AM


released March 9, 2016

Produced by Red

Thank you Ronan Ireland, Tiffany Strickland, Matt Deminski, Jackson Hill, Logan Ireland, Claire Heiney, Zachary Arthurs, grandpa, dad and momma



all rights reserved


Plus Columbus, Ohio

yin yang, can't hang, you already know the name, it's the freaking plus entity in your vicinity, I know it's cold outside, but after these rhymes? you're going to feel the humidity.

Not even 19 years old, must of lived 7 past lives
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Track Name: Kāla
[Police Officer]
You have the right to remain silent
Anything you say can be used against you in court
You have the right to talk to a lawyer for advice before you answer any questions …

You are hereby sentenced to 73 hours of community payback

*Lighter flicking*

The little things you can do for people to make them happy
Is, it’s so easy
Know what I mean?
So just, uh
Just go up to your mom and
Give her a big smooch and say “Love ya mom”
And that’ll put a rose in her cheek
I mean, don’t be afraid to show your emotion

Kid 1: I heard he had three eyes
Kid 2: No he had two heads
Kid 1: I heard he had two dinguses
Kid 3: Actually, I know what he was really like
Kid 1: Shuddup!
Kid 2: You don’t know nothing!
Kid 3: No really!
Kid 2: (mockingly) no really
Kid 3: My sister’s best friend’s older sister’s best friend is named - Janus
Kid 2: So what!
Kid 1: Yeah, I got a name too
Kid 3: Well Janus used to have a boyfriend named - Buck
Kid 2: No way
Kid 1: But why does that have anything to do with -
Kid 2: SHH, don’t say his name are you nuts?!
Kid 3: I’ll tell you why, it all started with a rap CD

*passenger car door slams*
*radio switching through channels*
*CD disk tray pops out, CD is inserted into car radio*
Track Name: Old Earth
Silence he speaks
He keeps his doo spiked right like a crown
Do you know why?
Damn right supergiant mother -
Bones rome amidst the jungle with his fist itching to rumble
Dreaming ‘bout when I’m older I’ma super nova
So he keeps it solar, check the corona
Naw, if only I could think of what to write
If only I didn’t have to think I’d be alright
Bit the fucking fist that was feeding me poison
Now I can’t help hearing voices
Gravity really got me down but when I kick that, you better watch out
Ooh, this kid’s got guts in him
Wants to shake the world, I wonder what’s up with him

Lungs fill with new O2
Can’t break the snake chains, still holding hopeful
Park bound hound
No novice to the bark, rather wallow in it
Find solace in it
Hallowed be the binge
Weathering my sins
Should I embrace or break them
My trace been desecrating
Pace pace to a new face
Gotta find a new trade
Same slave, just a new yard, different whip

But if this earth is dusting, I should keep on crushing just for the pump of it
Drunk with the spliff, won’t stop at the stump
Cutting, edging till it’s hidden in the dust and rust and I was raised in it
The cups, the buds, the lust, trust that I won’t cease till crease

Summer comes
Summer’s gone
Water flows
Water falls
Leaves fall
Then they grow
Then they fall
And then we fall
And the tides rise
And the sky high
But the roots wise
And the eyes lie
So watch where your eyes lie
Yes out of one there’s many
Plenty stars, but only one sun, ready?

Dough flows then it goes
Dro glows then it’s smoke
Rose grows then it’s frozen
The cycle knows no end
On and on and on and

Dough flows then it goes
Smoke dope till you’re dead
Rose grows then it’s frozen
The cycle knows no end
On and on and on -

*Passanger car door slams*

I’ll pick you up at seven honey! Meet some new friends!

[Community Payback Instructor]
Hey! You must be *bleep*
We’re planting some trees today, so
Why don’t you go ‘head ’n grab a shovel
Track Name: Can You Dig? (feat. River)
Yo, can you read kid?
That’s my shovel
I mean it’s got my damn name on it

Yo I don’t want trouble man

Out here in the slave yard you’ll never work this hard!
Naw, we don’t do shit
Just come with me kid
Yo wait, one minute, what’s your name, what you in for?
Is this the first time you’ve been in and out this predicament?

Well I’m still a bit bitter, man
Basically the bigger man in blue could prove the green was hiding behind tooth,
Mind you, they allude to dude as moon, it’s true I’m new

Well they knew me as River
Cause when the sun reveals it’s face, in that case, mine shimmer
Can you dig? Simmer simmer
Here’s dimmer
Like you I was born to be a dirt digger
Ah man how I got here
Hands in the circle, locked wrists, momma’s fear

That’s how they steer though, ya hear?

Word, word

See my sermons a burden
A curse that hurts and what’s worse, I still do not have a hand in it
Bandit tanning in the sands of time
Granit said it’s crime
Heathen scheming to conceive meaning

I see you B,
Back out the factory
Paths of misery
Our nose bleeds history black
Life’s a bitch
And do you see what this bitch did to me?
Akin to me, she’s keen to leaving back scars isn’t she
And though I back off, often find myself where I was
I’m feeling half gone, lost in the other halve’s dawn

Suit yourself
Sometimes I wanna shoot myself
40s to my head, this is war, felt no dread
Shovel and grind till my mind is dead
Blisters on my fists of red
Man I could sure use a cigarette

Ah shit man, they don’t let packs in here?

If they did kid, I’d have a fucking 12 of beer!

Just miss my old home, roam thick sticks with piff

No concealment from fulfillment now it’s feeling stiff, trust

They can’t blame me for kicking up the dust

Hands pain me

I wait for dusk to save me

[River & Lem]
No one’s gonna wanna unchain we

That’s why we need these cigarettes B
Got time?

*lighter flick*

Naw, my ride’s here
Thanks though, I’ll see you in school tomorrow River



Do I smell cigarettes on you?

*Mom rants about smoking*

Say something!

*door slams*
Track Name: Refusal of the Ride (Ma Kar A Vehicle)

Clenching mist with a tension in his fist, bent at the wrist
Pissed at most everything that exists
Kissed by a notion that he feels devoted
Looking out for the bigger picture, but he still hasn’t pulled the trigger?
Wondering why he’s afraid to say - in his verses
Are you offended? I’ll be the bigger person
Learning feng shui in a dumb way
The right side of my face swollen for letting my tongue sway
My lungs play me on a numb day
Some may say I need pot, hot latte, and crumb cake
Bums shake to bass kid
Not basement base shit
Erase it if it does not, you know, make sense
And you know if you don’t make cents it ain’t really popping
So stop talking metaphors or metaphysics
We need pros about hoes, licking blunt rolls, lanes, gold, and moving these bricks kid
Sniff it?
Uh huh, something smells
But hell, might just be my upper lips-es, see I’ve been giving too many shits lately
Been so hung up on getting up in it, getting my nut on
But nobody wants to give a fuck, the fuck’s wrong?
Can you smell my breath over the beat?
And when I’m outta breath was this breath worth remembering?

Red: I just don’t know what to do grandpa
Grandpa: Too late to become a surgeon…
So stay on the line your on, and anything that makes you happy buddy
Because I’ll tell you what, life is so short it’s ridiculous

Kid 2: A rap CD? Nobody even likes rap music
Kid 1: Especially my mom
Kid 3: Well Janus did. In fact, after she heard his bars, she fell in love
Kid 2: Ew!
Kid 1: What’s lov-
Librarian: Shh! You children need to be quiet in hear!
Kid 3: Sorry sir
Librarian: Damn children always talking and saying things…
Kid 2: Yikey Mikey
Kid 3: So then, he goes to a party at Buck’s house so he can steal Janus, but Buck was never going to let her go…so as soon as Buck caught his eyes on Janus, he knocked him out cold!
Kid 1: Whoa!
Kid 2: Pfft, well that’s Karma for ya
Kid 3: Ever since that night, Buck was cursed
Track Name: Rapid Eye Movement
*knock on bedroom door*
Tomorrow’s the big day!
Love ya hunny, sweet dreams

*Monks chanting*
*Lighter flicking*

[Girl’s voice]
Hey you

*Heavy panting*
*Owl hoots*
*Switch blade opening and closing*

Who are you
Who are you
Who are you!
Who are you!
*Fire burning*
*Woman screaming*
Track Name: Law 10
*River flowing*

I don’t know
What do you think?
Oh right, you’re a fucking tree
Wait what was that?

*owl hoots*

Hey, hey! Let the tree finish!

*owl continues*

Oh you got something more important to say?
Great, now you’re just gonna stare at me

Alright…just don’t tell anyone
Not that you could anyways…

My friend do you see
Summer coming again
I fear I do, I could surely use a breeze
Through my lungs I will inhale
I ride my hide through hell
As long as Aphrodite with me
She can tell me not to look back
Or watch mine as I lose track
Or act up, I wonder, where’s my Y factor

I wonder what the problem is
I wonder where it ends

X marks me, idol things aim
Heat seeking, my heart beeping
That might be keeping me sane
In the lane to fame fastest, but I’m staying cautious
I can’t stop this faucet
I think I completely lost it
Stay about my whits, spliffs, shits and gigs
Trick misses, fix my fixes, screw my lid and keep me on this grid
Keep em green

*knock on bedroom door*
Today’s the big day!

Kid 1: When are you gonna get to the juicy stuff
Kid 2: Yeah, we already know that Buck got -
Kid 1: Shh! Don’t ruin it!
Kid 2: What! Everybody watches the news
Kid 3: So, the next night, Janus caught him in the forest
Kid 2: Wait, thee forest?
Kid 3: Those very woods…I’ll take you there tonight
Kid 2: No way man
Kid 3: Relax, it’s just a bunch of dead trees
Kid 1: I don’t know…every time I’m near there I feel like somethings - tugging at me
Kid 2: Oooo
Kid 3: Anyways, Janus said he looked sweaty, like he was running from something

*school bus pulls up*

[Bullies on bus]
Look it’s that super-giant bitchass
He’s going “Red” in the face!
Piece of shit!
Track Name: Triple Reuptake Inhibitor
Careful he might try and shoot your windows out…

Buck: Hi I’m Buck!
Red: Hi, I’m-
Buck: Ugly? I know.

Stop picking on me!
Stick up post-it’s sticked up on me
Kicking on me
Rickety stick walking
Helmet-head, gay, said way too much, acting too tough
Redirected to his place
Fist intercepted by his face
Intrepid lickity-split pace
Spit on his kicks, tripped in the race
Ass felt asphalt, asking adult
Justice? What was this?
Nothing was budging at all
The whole wide world spinning in my hands now
All I need is a plan
How I ran through the halls and hid in the stalls
Crawling after that hit in the balls
Shit that I saw
Writs that I scrawled
Paw tell me, ‘he ain’t nothing’
Well, he had something there
But believe me, I wasn’t trying to be the bigger man
Kid was bitter man
First he littered his sense, then lent his fist to this bigger man
Get shin splint
Man shizz got sizzling, pop-cracking
Got a few smacks in but went home limping
No fucking difference
But he packed heat in his backpack and stood at good distance
The bell had rung and so the plan had sprung into action
Some BBs in the chamber of my Daisy
May he be in danger
Aimed straight for the refrigerator through the pane
He felt the pain, so he wanted the same
For the dang lame that was calling him lame!
Bent over on the curb, right next to the drain
Unzipped the shit, but before I gripped it, it was all in vain
He came down the lawn wondering what my hand was upon
Then laid hands upon

Don’t let me catch you creeping round these parts!
Or I’ll be grim reaping
Left sneaking
Left swiftly
I never got shit from his shifty fist again, sorta fishy

You better stay outta -
You better stay away from me, huh!
You almost shot my wind- oh hey!
You almost shot my windows out!
Get out of here…lame!
Talk too much gay!
Yeah, hide in the bathroom

Watch your back bitch

Yeah punk ass, see you in the hallways
Track Name: Savages
My country tiss of thee
Sweet land of liberty
Of thee I sing
Land where my fathers died…

Stars and smokestacks
Watch your back
Ignore the crack and get back to work
Claim the earth
A day to celebrate its worth
Watch the fireworks while the fire burns/grows
This is our home

Praise be to the wages
Cages, cages,
Dead faces, dead faces
Holder of the aces
All men are created as a sequel
Bunch of bull fecal

Land of the free
Sell it cheap
Always something to eat
Always scheming the dream
Never asleep
Root for the team
Shoot for the cream

Watch your back
Columbia’s a bad bitch
Bent me over then she stabbed it
Grabbed it, halved it
Savages, savages
Took a boat
Then some lives
Wear it like pride
Look at this pride
Look at this pride
Stars and stripes
Look at this pride

Land of the free
Sell it cheap
Always something to eat
Always scheming the dream
Never asleep
Root for the team
Shoot for the cream

(Uncle Sam)
Uncle Sam, what’s the plan?
Watch me write this song
Sing along
Welcome to the -

Land of the free
Sell it cheap
Always something to eat
Always scheming the dream
Never asleep
Root for the team
Shoot for the cream

*clears throat*
Take those headphones out, really?
Well uh, since you don’t wanna listen to my bullshit
How bout you share with the class what you think

Alright alright, before you go!
Tomorrow we’ll be learning about something you probably don’t care about
and probably won’t remember in the next couple of weeks…

*students leaving class and talking in the hallways*

There she is
Track Name: Yab Yum
I’m not doing
What my momma told me (I’m sorry momma)
I love her, but
I love her butt (that tushy of that shorty)
And you might scold me (you might scold me)
But what’s the use (look at that caboose)
Look at that caboose (do you see them god damn buns)

(Lem sings)
(baby, watch the teeth)

Damn chick
I’ma take your ass to wood-shop class, and be your teacher
Pleased to meet ya
Pleased to eat ya
Wish it was easier to see ya after hours to deflower
It don’t matter if you got a garden
I’m too involved in how you look in denim
Tension bending round tendons
Breaking my cerebellum, dumb from the rising kelvin
Not to mention, the size of your chest - and eyes
I analyze it, still so surprising that I
Can’t keep my eyes off that thickness
Oh my goodness

It’s easy to fall in love
But not so simple, when ya wanna fuck
This I should know
So can we go…

Sometimes I make mac n cheese but butter the noodles and eat ‘em with salt
And then, use the cheese packets on the angel hair
I didn’t see danger there till she met my eyes with her big, beautiful, blue-green irises
Hi miss, I might just spit when I talk
But I just get excited
Yo, I saw when your angel hair alighted on your caramel shoulders
When we get older, I hope I know some more about you
Hope my breath is bearable, told her …
Well I haven’t said anything yet but, I bet I’d sweat it
Treading lightly, uptight likely
Or hyped just like me
On sight type B personality, personally bilateral
See her next time, I’ll talk to her then, I guess

Somewhere alone so I can roam all of your creases
Make it pleasing for you
You know I don’t mind the funk
Just bring that trunk

B-Before seven because my mom comes home then

Yab-yab-yab yum
You know that back-back-back make me act dumb
Yeah, yeah
Gra-grab ‘em while they’re young
Stab ‘em in the lungs, scab ‘em on the tongue
It’s all love
Cat-cat-cat come
Numb to jacking, I want you under my thumbs
Yeah, yeah
Snack-snack-snack yum
You know that back-back-back-back is the reason I attack hun

Hey you, you don’t have to say anything
I was just wondering if you wanted to come over after school?
Maybe we could talk there?
Don’t listen to them
So whattya say?

(This bitch thinks he can spit game at your girl again)
(C’mon ya’ll leave that boy alone)
(Piece of shit!)
(C’mon, yo, yo leave him alone)
(He must think his balls dropped)
(Buck I think you better get over here I don’t think he learned his lesson)
(Yo leave him alone!)

Hey, what the hell do you think you’re doing?
Track Name: Lunar Farside Highlands Problem
Strike while the irons hot cause I’m probably the man you want
I won and win with taunts
Flaunt his pompous mantra, appraise the fauna
Dawn on conning a cat
No knack for knowing reactions
The sun is in the tunnel soon
Funnel wounds, red into this pen till the spouts drown
Bow down
Yeah the crown kinda off center
Broken vendor
Fender bender
Lent a bent led pencil
Can’t even eat my fucking cereal without being vetted
While my sedatives settle in
And the tendons in his bends resting
No less than him and no lesson learned, well they just won’t get it
Beware I’m in the bottom of your twelfth beer
Listen here
Fear the flare but you can’t steer anywhere
And stair by stair, you find your stare at a rifle
And this may never end, but your life will

One should never stand stifled
Prepare for night
We’ll iron-sight your solar plexus
Till restlessness is bested
Tech testing him, check him with the shells left in
Vested in him the nectar of the hectic
Redirected to the logs where he lay and lie, and build supply
His eyes ride oddly
Cause he just inhaled the flora, till he’s not sure what he’s sure of
Endure a cure to break this lure, but ain’t no purer aura
So spawn the coroner
Torments for young’n’s to come
The cycle was never done

Watch me spin
Like a top in a dream

I mean, don’t be afraid to show your emotions

Ready to dawn spite like he’s on sprite mixed other fixings and a little bit of fruit punch
Punching this kid, kicking his lid in
In his mitts he hid a slidable
Thought I was rideable
Little did he know his spine was pliable
Enough with the riff raff
Get his wrist ripped so I can quickly dip class
Silly how he misses math work
Spits with a lisp, and now his misses has to give him baths, jerk
All cause he had to smirk
How much you think your bones worth?
See you on my old earth

(told you to leave him alone yo)
Buck: Fuck man alright
*sounds of fighting against the lockers*

Hey, hey!
Separate, separate immediately!
Hey, hey you two, hey stop!
Get off each other!
Get off the premises now!
Go home, c’mon

There’s only one period left anyways
Track Name: If You Are Afraid to Shake the Dice, You Will Never Throw A Seven (Outtaheu)
Don’t let people fuck with you like that man
Next time some shit happens, I’ll be right around the corner

[Red + Lem]
These puppets don’t work
Like taking appliances to the EU
Teeth dripping
Sheath rip
Slipped finger
Missing limb, feeling more limberer?
Simmer down ‘fore they slings more lingo
Dogs are dingos
Yo jimbo
Thirty million youth crash and clash like cymbals
Temple taught ‘em aim for temples, simple sect
Ripple effect then tickle our necks, dimples rosy now
Nosey? Nose flows not so slowly now

Blow me pal
46 homies and none of ‘em know me
Roaming Shaoshi, crown peaked one-thou
Allow me to demonstrate how I eat lemon cake
After peeling the headman’s pate then meditate
When it waits it dies
Yes, more for the flies
Watch the eyes
Bed-Stuy to Shanghai, we gonna die
It’s a Subaru thang
Check the boomerang nebula
And play it low-temperature
Beware emperor
Kill the messenger
He hold three-fold the regular we know
What is said is best spread on the d-low

So keeps it shine shine son
Got six son, but word to seven what is yours is mine son
Brethren, run
Yo, I know we living in hell
But if we tryna get out, at least we got the same cell

Class harass my ass past two
Teach my how to get the grass hue from rad dude failing mathematics
Average mind don’t mind, he should be fine
You need a scene to fit the crime
Science, slime, and stools
FDA approved, killer food for fools
Tool to break the glass
Take passage, wear glasses
Pass on passing rather pass passive hand-to-hand to slap daps to my mans
Just another nigga rattling cans
Not sitting, see the stance?
Rattling cans?
Rather tin-heads
Been dead since 7:30, trapped in this box
Can’t breathe, can’t see, can’t seize
Need seeds in better soil
EDU has got my plans foiled
Teaching trout to climb?
Lame men without legs to walk again
Rather zen than chew caps for pens
Gems will find themselves in your lens, focus
Forgo this cackling of the hens
Please borrow sense

No quarters, open eyes are free
Please teach, shut the fuck up
Z’s are important
Touring text books are for the lost
With a core toss up
Honestly I’ve learned more from jerking off, jerk-off
Put a word to cost, cause it hurts to be lost
Colossus yearns to learn thoughts and seize conscious
But relax black, axis wane-wax
Nah nigga, cause we’re all here regardless

Lem: Yo, I know you tryna smoke right now
Red: Like, over there?
Lem: Yo, you wanna?
Red: …I gotta -
Lem: Get that? I know what’s up with you and Janus. Say something man, she make you nervous or some shit?
Red: She just…confuses me
Lem: Alright fuck that, I’ma hit this jay though

Kid 1: Why was Janus in the forest?

Kid 3:…Janus was helping him calm down, but it didn’t seem to do him any good. He ran away, without saying a word
Kid 2: Pfft
Kid 3: Janus didn’t see him again ‘till the first day of school. She was nervous to talk to him, but he seemed better
Kid 1: Why, was he sick or something?
Kid 3: When they started talking, Buck showed up and tried to knock him out again. But this time was different. Beat Buck up so bad, some say that he was possessed!
Kid 1: Whoa
Kid 2: Pfft
Kid 3: So the principal kicked him out of school, and said that he could never come back
Track Name: Maya (Belly of the Whale)
Stepped out the bricks
Slipped past a mix of mixed kids getting quick tips off the marijuana
Like over there, you wanna?
No thanks
Behind trees I make a beeline for fort
For she’s Kama, ready to catch Karma
Nirvana in monochrome
Hak magatama
Time and time again I never felt esophagus as soft as this
Lips of feldspar and star dust
But nah, we just (friends)
Human, seems lumen stays looming
Fiend for radiant flux beams, the crux leans stooping
It sucks and seems stupid
Duck, weave, deceive, but the conduit is anything you conceive
And leads to the same seeds that bleed the same creeds
Maya, Maya take me higher
I can’t tame the flames but I crave the fire
Knaves knives and shaved dice
Do or die, knew trying would just mire
The rain knows my name and my aim is dire
Can’t blame, the more your eyes strain the more that life feigns, liar

I-I mean, it is so short you cannot believe
So take advantage of every, every day, every hour that you’re still on this earth
Because, it doesn’t last forever

Finally making my way to the trail
Frail breathing has passed now
My legs should have gassed out
I’m floating, hoping to erode jokers trying to yoke me
Maybe bellow for my fellow River
Narrow it is, but marrow he might be
The spliff is just us now, I can barely see
What does it matter if I found my zen; I’m sitting at more femme
The only stream I see is on my fist and face
I’ve been pissed of late, picking up cigarettes and sparking ‘em
Momma please don’t bark at me
Parting through the thickness
Yo, pardon me the sickness
This the only home that I feel that I can roam
The only heart that breathe with me
Sick with me, sit with me
It’s the only eyes that truly see me
And the only ears that truly hear me
Blood on my boots, my blood run through the roots
Got my back on all axis
Gives straight back and keeps me scrapping on
No yin without yang
No sin without slaves

Hey yo!
Ayo! River!


Track Name: Eightfold
Ah, why you got that hammer for, boy?
Why yo finger hamiform, child

I got my mind in the pen, and I’m living in my mind
Stuck in a god damn cell

I wish that I could classify more plants that I see around me, that shit astound me
If you knew yourself then why you frowning?
Found bling in how the wind made the grass dance
I still see the beauty in how yo ass dance
Now sing, for later the plot thickens
Ma was sick and I was plotting on the thickest
Hieroglyphic mixings of genuine belief and dying peace
Eyeing beef with a sighing sheath; fly-er in titanium wires, geek
Who were you to me?
Student, teach, respectively
I wasn’t respecting me, who was I to I?
This ain’t no “Nesquik chocolate mix powder is the shit” shit
This is grown-up, this is power
This is “own up to your wit” shit
Hours passing quick with a torch in their hands
Time was burning alive
I didn’t know you had to burn to survive
My eyes burned in surprise
When I learned that I died; the same day a murderer cried
It’s fine, let it be
What it was it is not, and what it will be we will see
Just masturbate or something, I’m fascinated with crumping
Find bliss in your breath and you’ll be happy ‘till death be coming

Rest in peace

Mystery kills for thrills
Could even break illest the iller still a student
Well that’s Lucy, one of the wanna be pooches
Caboose is rare in my terrain
Does that help me to gain brain or go insane?
In that case, retrace
Remember December has an end
But November will come again
But you know this
So wear your coat, too choppy to float my boat
This sailor’s been feeling paler
Pen to paper impaler
May catch an eye if I’m lucky
But steal a glance if I’m acting up
Grasping grass up to puff it out
My chest is feeling lighter than paper now
Patient sound the alarm
I mean no harm, I am calm
Take the snakes that’s hidden within your lawn
When I’m gone, you’ll see me just as a pawn
Not gone

*lighter flick*
*inhaling, exhaling*
*heavy panting*
*body being dragged across forest floor*
*large splash in river*
Track Name: Yama
Stood looking tall and mighty next to all and any
Momma said there are plenty that ain’t good for you
Dad said don’t spend your time being mad friend
You’ll find winding paths and head tension
Had ten henchman, more or less
I guess too rad for lad mentioned before hand (fuck em)
Everything goes according to plan
And I still have no say in this scheme
But the way the stream gleam, know I’m on the same team
Aim change
Name change
Seems the same change
Dreams play games
Steam is not water, it is
Louder now
You are, and you have power, flower now
Remember hours aren’t matter
Now recall the laughter
After all, all after it doesn’t matter
And if life’s a joke, it’s an intricate one
And the punch lines pretty somber
Wouldn’t surprise me at all, I think I’d die much calmer
But I’m buying minutes from a suicide bomber

Preacher, preacher if I lie in the river will I still feel the shiver?
And I’m certain for everything death there’s a birth
And as well as blessings to curse
But if I’m locked in the desert could my river be a mirage
I’m caught up in being lost
Reeking of thought and reaping the cost
Play shepherd all you want, but you still a sheep to the dogs
They gon’ tear you apart
You still shooting the septi-side die
Just expect to die whether you red wood or bonsai

I look at water with wide eyes
So in that case I’m just some flora
I’m in need of the sun
And I’m still worried cause I grow at night
If you wanna step on the devil, you have to dance with your demons
And even though it’s cold out the water won’t turn to ice, nah
It’s still running its route
For every ocean there’s storms
And for every storm there’s a mountains
For every mountain there’s valleys
But fear premiere, for then there must be finale

The river runs, not from but with 
The river must be tired
It keeps running in place and yet it has already reached its base
Is that your face in the river?
We all run with the river 
But to the river it’s no race
Still you chase the river 
But it has already caught up to you 
We misplace the river
We wish we could laugh forever, like the river
But you can’t leave a trace in the river
We live through all of our days in the river
But we are always so afraid to embrace the river

Now uh, what about the important stuff
What kind of uh - you gonna do a little,
Some kind of work this summer?
Or ya just gonna lay around on your…hiney
If you get that job at that nursery,
Man you could have that garden
Every, every night, what you take is a little twig of something
You - put it in your pocket and you take it and you plant it when you get home
Know what I’m saying?
One flower at a time

Lem: What the fuck are you doing here?
Buck: You thought I wouldn’t come back?
Where’s your little girlfriend now?

With purpose
Left, right in the dirt
En guarde to hurt
Stirred up, from when he ate the phalanx
Simple thanks will do but he got it all misconstrued
I’m not that dude no more
And so I duck one hit
But I come with a kick
That shit’ll find it’s way to kids saying that’s sick, isn’t that sick?
Fist to solar plexus sick
All cause earlier he was bested, dick
Lick after left to the chin
He never learned to cast a stone
Have any of us?
That’s cause 10TV and ABC won’t show their pretty pennies

It’s one to twenty
His fist get acquainted with my temple
Whilst I scream I’m just a pebble
I’m just a symbol
I’m still on your wanted thangka
He got the proper chakra of a jock to knock my balance off
Gallon’s gone, he’s just filling up, so battle on
Rattle in his pocket’s gone
And he’s moving quick with it
Quick witted, I stick a limb in it
The brother’s limb at his abdomen
I don’t want to catch what’s shimmering
Could use a hymn for hemming sin
The gremlin’s been acting up in him
Grinning through stripped linen
Temple rise to mountain highs
His eyes white with pride for he took me by surprise
Mistakes change the flow, or break the ice
Armor tough
Round of applause, you break jaws with arms up
Last part is play, just another part of - hey,
Listen close, here’s something, come close, no bluffing
Next time around you’ll be nothing
Weap-weapon out, one second gone
His thirst for carne is strong and my arms have been long drawn
As the edge breaks dawn and I start to feel river
And as it reach my liver, I smile, but never shiver
Throat dry, no screeching, no note to sing
Eyes stay open but no tear to gleam
Stream floating, drowning
But feel the earth
Track Name: And My Gadgets' Dusty
(what’s the deal yo?)

Spilling sins
Feel the ceiling close
Center tension
Leaves quenching for their regiment to settle in
Betterment been bitter in rhetoric
Consider blood runs critters on the hunt

Fresh yet a flesh
Best bet is to do it again
What do I lend, for the flowers bend quickly to me
In my mind it got a bit roomy
Bit too dark to start the lone looming
So I aim at him

Where do I go now?
Low blow, low brow
I’m not quite familiar with this scenery
Now even greenery been mean to me
Seems to be easily deceiving me
Knee deep in deep end
When you depend on depends, maybes, if-I-can’s
Where has my stance been lately
Where have the sands landed lately
Slate the pate, save fate, for hate rapes me
You made me
Undone you done it
Wondering where my sun is, come runneth over my flesh
Breath hasn’t been a good brethren
Feather to the wind
Grinned, head severed again
And again I’ve been here
No wait - weird
Swear I’m straight, clear
Just give me another year
No I’m not scared, traded fear for mirrors
Now I’m ceasing clearer

*gun shot*

Lem: watch your back

*fumbles with cigarette box*
*pulls out cigarette*
*lighter flick*
*wood starts burning*

Don’t take your health, or your family
For granted
That’s the big thing
That’s the big thing that I know I made a lot of mistakes in my life
With my wife, I took - took - took her love too much for granted
You know what I mean?
You get, you get in that rut, and uh
You think, you know
This is forever, and this is never gonna end, and uh…
The little things that you can do for people, to make them happy
Is - it’s so easy
Know what I mean?
So just, uh, just go up to your mom and
Give her a big smooch and say
Love ya mom
And that’ll put a rose in her cheek
I mean, don’t be afraid to show your emotions

Ok so anyway, like I say
Stay on that line, and uh
Keep your nose clean, which you’ve done so far, and uh
Know that I love you, okay?
You take care buddy
*hangs up phone*
Track Name: Tree Eater
[Red + Lem]
You better wear colors to my funeral
You better wear colors to my funeral
I just hope you know that I loved you back
And it’s alright, I always liked naps
Yo matter of fact, I crack a laugh in the back of the cadillac when Grim gimme daps
We sipping sap, dipping out
If you knew me you knew my smile
Momma said don’t ever lose that child
You’re my son, you’re the sun

Oh, so now you’re 20 years old, looking for gold
One day be 40 years old, putting a price on life
Like you forgot nights in the heat of summer
When nothing seemed impossible now all you seem to see is obstacles
Chin up, chin up, chin up mister
Winter always turn to summer
Bummer you gotta blister
But now you know what glitter ain’t gold
Foes ain’t foes
Seeds don’t know they grow
Yin Yang
Can’t hang with all this negativity in my vicinity it’s killing me
Save ya energy
Dance with me
Kid with me
Build with me
Live with me
We ain’t got infinity
Yellow, blue, green, red
All kin to me

What will, will be
We’ll be well, well we’ll see
We’ll will you to will me to wish you well
Well will we?

Love everyday that’s my fucking word
And I don’t lie like hounds, I’m too fly like bird
And I don’t think that I’m above you I stay grounded like worms in brown earth
One life, I’ll be hawking my shit around earth
Found worth in a word and got pissed
I found worth in my grip and all the bullets they flip
And all the things that they told me all amounted to this
And it doesn’t mean shit, it just is

*trees burning*
[Police Officer]
I’m gonna need two squads out here
We’ve got two people unresponsive in the forest!

*footsteps through leaves and branches*

Kid 3: Over here!
Kid 1: My allergies are starting to act up…maybe I shouldn’t
Kid 3: We’re already here, just lift your foot up, c’mon!

*chain fence rattling*

Kid 3: Alright, follow me
Kid 1: Where are we going?
Why are we here?
Kid 2: So, am I supposed to be scared yet?
Kid 3: You should be…the tree behind you still holds the bullet that went through Buck’s back!
Kid 1: Shuddup!
Kid 2: *laughs nervously*
Kid 3: Wait - did you hear that?

*owl hoots*

Kid 3: (whispers) must be him!
Kid 1: C’mon!
Kid 3: What? Don’t you know that he still moves between the trees every night when the moon comes out?
Kid 1: …
Kid 2: OOOooo!
Kid 3: *belts out laughing*
Kid 2: *laughs*
Kid 1: But how did the fire start?
Track Name: Book of Void
(History repeats itself as humans just defeat themselves!)

I’m gonna be just like you dad!
No retirement funds
I was told not to stare at the sun
But to watch what I want to become
Well I haven’t looked in the mirror in seven days
Now I see clearer anyways
At any rate it seems to move
It keeps moving
And I keep losing
Ears and years that I never had
I’d rather have sheers in my bladder
Gab gather flies upon exposure to oxygen
Locked up myself from myself
Getting mocked again
Taking advice from the sirens on the rocks again
And again shit happens
Time laughing takes laps and stay stabbing
It’s the universal habit to have it all figured out
Until your body turns inside out
Floating in deep end

Watch me spin
Endlessness as
Waiting in
And hoping
For breath
Breath for
Hoping and
In waiting
As endlessness
Spin me

Watch, as mountains consolidate
I trade solid state for energy
Enter me enemy
Nah, I’ve always been here
Where we at?
At the foot
Starting with the pebbles
Rebels move, yo
Move pebbles, rebels move
You’ve grey matter
And these matters black and white rather
Life is lifeless as the knife that siphon this cipher
Waiting for days numbered to reach cipher
So I can say ‘what’s up?’ to Anubis
Then start a-new
This movement in the torus got me relying on eye of Horus
Red just bore us
But I keep boring for us
For real
Ouroboros in the boreal region
Legions of lords keel
More deal in less achieving
And that’s just the seasons
(The seasons)
Adjust the seas
Then see me thieving deals
But, I’m at the heel of a giant
Cut it

Watch me spin
Endlessness as
Waiting in
And hoping
For breath
Breath for
Hoping and
In waiting
As endlessness
Spin me
Track Name: Ra (feat. 2 Niggaz)
Lem: Watch! Yo, this dude thinks his shit is safe! Windows break mother fucka
Homie 1: Ooooo
Homie 2: Slump! He’s slump!
Homie 1: Easily!

Homie 1: Why the fuck you breathing so hard? Sounds like you in lunch line at fat camp!
Homie 2: Aye man, it’s just called being big boned mother fucker!
Homie 1: Pfft
Homie 2: With yo meerkat-looking ass…

[The Homies]
Ducking po po
Or should I say poo poo
We all doo doo though
Well at least me and my niggas are (yessir!)
Triggers get aimed at we
So we shoot back
Cuz if not, that’s lame as fuck
Suck on deez
We stuck in a circle, so we pass the trees
Black cat: public enemy number one
Number one reason I got gun
Nigga you ain’t got one
But - well if they think I do it’s all the same son!
So try to run
See what happens
My bad must a been a mishap
It’s the maddest savages north of the bottom of the planet
Land of the freebase
Nigga try to escape

Erase any grin
While we chasing down gin
With a fifth Hennessy
And a spliff to the face
Race up to the corner
By the gun shop?
No the one stop
The McDonald’s?
No Donald’s Liquor!
Lick a thicker chick by Lucky Yips, I -
I know you ain’t getting any mother fucker!
Man, plenty to go around
But Mr. Brown, you gotta prove yourself
And with that tat on yo neck, you might as well turn around that gat and shoot yourself
Suit yourself man, at least I got a daddy
Yeah but he’s a crack addy
Plus yo mama threw some crack at me

Yo shut the hell up!
Both of ya’ll niggas come to school wearing Polo every single day
Driving range rovers, both of ya’ll got mommas and pops that love you
They both got jobs putting food on the table every single night
And the only crack addicts here are you two
Staring at girl’s behinds that you’ll never be behind!

Homie 2: Man, what the fuck man
Homie 1: Here this boy goes again!
Homie 2: Yo, ya just gotta leave him alone ‘till he’s finished man
Homie 1: It’s just weird, it’s just weird!
Homie 2: Man, that nigga freaky!

Let earth receive her king
Fill my chalice with gasoline
Basket offerings of matches
You’ll always catch me lit
Quick to grip a slipped nip
Every cent represent and endless cycle

Bending icicles
Check my ISO, 1-0-0
The flow crack skulls under malediction
Spring in action, fuck a cast-less life
Sun-dried heart
It’s an art to make you sing
When the shots echo
Yo trust me I’m breaking cello
Listen here young fellow
Keep off kettle when it’s steaming off
Sleeve to cough
Shit gets twisted off
Your detox
Watch your six with swift fists
From the Fifth Avenue
View him hooded at the venue
Eye’s glued to the revenue
Genjutsu will bend you blue
And when you snooze you hear him
Knock 10 without a breath spent
Nor a Z piece to me
By the way you bleed, G
Bust a knee like I’m sixty
Young trickster slip a six through security
Infiltrate your reupholstered vicinity (*heavy breathing*)
Where is he?
At the summit
Coming knuckle bear
Buck tooth
But only who do so
One without a floor
Four cores for more fours
All my pots and galore

More stints, and every splints worth it
Looking for a fix
Just to get his kick in
Picking four-to-six shifts
Just to scrap my living
Nah, I’m hitting the pimple-ridden pitiful kid
Noose grip cerebral
Flare out, flare in
Blaring Heron, to you chipped birds
Hitting hearse
I’m thieving
Peeping every cleavage
And seizing for leaves and
Caught him leaving, weaving
Through trees and bushels
Shh, shh!
The kush don’t flush well
Don’t utter this to my mother
Just another son with no one
Ear drum crack when one come too closely
Or if he part the posse
His life costly
Jot me down for the crown
Pound for pound I snatch livings
Or 40 ounces of gin singing
The crowns inscribed
I dive
Ya’ll better grab the iodine
Looking for it with his iron sights
Fear within the dying lights

Let earth receive her king
Fill my chalice with gasoline
Basket offerings of lighters

[Lem + The Homies]
Did I stutter?
Grab that cutter
Don’t utter this to my mother, trick
Spliff in my fist
Ripping this prick’s Civic
Quick, quick, six on the wrist!
Sitting, lurking
Or swerving in the hit six-stick-shift

Homie 1: Vroom vroom mother fucker!
Homie 2: Yo! Hit that 90! Hit that 90!
Lem: Yo we was out of there so quick!
Homie 2: Take a right, take a right!
Homie 1: Whoa!
Lem: My man didn’t even know what hit him! Yo we gone!
Homie 2: Yo we stopping at McDonald’s I’m hungry as shit!
Lem: Yo, no, we’re not going to McDonald’s
Homie 1: Relax!
Homie 2: Yo I’m hungry as shit and I’m high as shit
Lem: None of ya’ll getting no food!
Homie 2: Yo c’mon, who paying for me though?
Homie 1: Fuck you mean?!
Homie 2: I’m broke as shit man! C’mon!
Homie 1: Shit
Lem: Yo, shut the hell up, both of ya’ll! I swear, I’m not taking ya’ll nowhere no more!
Track Name: Slug Magic
Feel as much use as shampoo in a sand dune
Lone loon eating rangoon
Who you?
Mu shu on the plate next to it
Four pancakes
Break necks with the MIC piece
On a tight leash in my left palm
Lip balm in my right pocket
Rip song
Left calm with a tight right socket
And nobody clapped ‘cept my white mom

Hey kid, you got two parents
You got to be kidding me if you think you got it bad
I never had what you do
You’re well to do, you’re fucking lucky
Then I wonder why I cut me or snuck three supplements
He’s subtle when his day was “good”
But in his head he wish he would not have gotten out of bed
For good-ness sake this planet fake
I can’t stand waiting for fate planted
So I plan escape

Young Thunder under the spell of slug magic
Tug back and backflip
All these magicians whispering in my ear
Make me wanna disappear

Well I guess I’m here again
Fear in the summer
Quite a nice sight
And what you truly know of night?
Buffering plucker fuckers all for a growth
You stuck in?
I can plan escape, nickel through your pumpkin
Luckily that slug collecting dust mites
Hug tight for eye sight, ‘cause when I sleep I light
Dynamite to domes
When I wake write poems
On chrome thunders under the influence of my home
Known for prone to be caged
Yet he is already steadily peddling through these metal heads wishing them lead
In his bed, his thoughts bled into penicillin blunts
And when he drinks he most shifty
And the piff would just trip him over
Never old is what I hold in my hand
I’d take over all man
Till I forget my grip, orchestrating shit that I never planned

What the fuck, yo
Who is this kid? Yo
Stop with that orange-tip shit!
You ain’t -

You think I won’t bust a lip?
Matter of fact I bust six
Just for pissing off
Till every twitch is gone
You just a pawn
And at the break of dawn he’s back to getting long gone
Drawn to the ways of Tsunadae
Till I decay I play with fate, trying to block the rays away
So I pray for that Tuesday
Locked and loaded about to implode
So I blow away

Young Thunder under the spell of slug magic
Tug back, make them backflip (none of this feels real)
All these magicians whispering in my ear,
They make me wanna make ‘em disappear
(None of this feels real)
Young Thunder running the spell of slug magic
Tug back, make ‘em backflip
It’s hidden
It’s me
Whispering in your ear
Make you wanna disappear

*knock on door*
Hey, who’s in there with you?

*door opens*

Oh look, he’s alive
Where ya goin?

Track Name: Pal or Mortis?
The sun creeps, tangos on my flesh
Sun deep
Death dangles
Breath waiting like it’s reps
Tangled intestinal tracts for specimens that
Test the concern of the learned
What’s real
Word of the wheel
Steel pyramids need meals
Enter seventh seal
Fearing kids on the block steering chalk
Stealing pyramids, walk
Sky most high mocks our eyes while we talk
Bout the linen in our socks
Paved lots
Fear not
Stays hot
Stay caught
Bought this plot, stuck a stake in it
Now we have frozen steak dinners?

Wax on, wax off
Till the rhythm in them axons disappear
The cycle will wain and wax on
The end is not near

Green in the eyes of me
No surprise to he who run the bucks
So duck the lens and hop over the counter to cluck his head
Before a first word is said
And reveal lead to break bread
Whiles my brethren head in for gin
And as I look to the leaves, or intake
It’s easily perceived
To you I’m just reeking and sneaking
Easy target for heart bled
Enough said
It’s envisioned in blood red
Steadily peddle the petals into my pack
And peddle back
With two on my back with stacks
Later we’ll crack bottles and jokes, and partake in tokes
Blue and red was never close
Coast to coast I went dead bent on blood spent
Maybe I will for the hell of it
After all, what’s in my eyes, it never dies
Brethren better ride

Lem: You know what we really need to do to get that green? Is hit up that Duke’s and Duchess
Homie 1: I don’t know about that
Homie 2: My momma gon smack the black off me
Lem: Aw, c’mon quit bitching. All we need to do is get a gat.

[Red + Lem]
Wax on, wax off
Till the rhythm in them axons disappear
The cycle will wain and wax on
The end is not near
Track Name: A Word from Our Sponsors
Get everything you ever need
In aisle three
Only $6.66
And don’t forget to give our lovely administration a tip
Get your dip, your cat nip
Ritz and tits in print!
Act now, now, now, now, NOW
Wow that’s a deal (with the devil)
A real steal!
Head down before you keel

Lem: Alright stay focused, you’re just going in for cigarettes, that’s all you need
Lem: Wait a minute - is - that microwavable jello?
Red: That’s - that’s pretty cool
Lem: Two for two on the lighters??
Red: (laughs) what the…
Lem: Wha- fifty percent off on cheese pops?!
Red: Oh my god
Lem: seventy-fi- WOOOOO
Red: What the fuck?

[Red + Lem]
Well I might as well just plop here!
Crib’s got gear!
Do not fear it’s on sale!
And it says here in Japanese, Jive, and Brail!
Kale, food for snail, the Holy Grail!
Aisle for aisle, I have a feeling I’ll be here awhile
And here’s the six fixes for it!
Four more if you mix ‘em!
Tricks on them! Duped on! I got coupons!
For an extra Grey Poupon!
Pardon me it’s hard to see the jargon gleaming on the carton
But those are bargains
I’m too busy biting for the barking
So let me at it
Addict for grabbing, knapping, and bagging
Might need those bulk napkins after the ads stab him

Lem: Yo, can I do a pack of Ace, menthols
Old Clerk: Holy smokes! Acetaldehyde? You’re a little young to be dyin’ on me!
Lem: Look man, can I just please have my menthols
Red: And uh - a pack of-
Old Clerk: Huh??
Red: Hubba bubba…while you’re back there
Old Clerk: Hubba bubba…hubba bubba…Here you go! Here’s your cancer-
Lem: Thank you, thank you
Old Clerk: And here’s your diabetes!
Red: Thanks…jesus
Lem: Christ
Old Clerk: Hey ya better stop talking to yourself you know! It’s kinda freaky!
Lem: Don’t listen to him man-
Old Clerk: Freaky!
Lem: (sigh) he’s a kook

*door opens*
Track Name: Crease
Janus: Hey you! I heard your album over the summer
Red: …
Janus: I mean! I really liked it
Red: Thanks-
Janus: I’m - Janus…by the way-
Red: Right
Janus: I’m- in your grade
Red: Yeah (nervous laughter)
*awkward silence*
Janus: Anyways, there’s this party tonight at Buck’s house, everyone’s invited…you should go!
Red: Yeah, I’ll try to see if I can make it
Janus: (laughs) well here’s my number, I’ll text you the address. I hope I see you there…

Haven’t seen a human face in several days
The sun rays can’t find their ways through my blinds
But she makes me so warm

On the floor leaning against my forehead
Wishing I was either alive, or more dead
But I heard what you said
I will consider it
Sorry if I misread your signs,
Know that I’m illiterate
Little bit sick
I don’t know if I can make it
My head’s so warm

Have you ever thought about it?
I mean pulling that knife from the kitchen drawer
I’m getting worried bout my state of mind
I am itching for a mind of mine
I’m seriously fucking scared
I can’t stop staring in mirrors
Stopped breathing
Used to say don’t worry dude I got you
Now all I got is one and I can drop two
Track Name: Sun Dog's Tongue
Temperature swelling like two-eighty-three Kelvin
Shit straight smelling
Ain’t telling my parental guardians where this yardigan is marching in
Suburb-central-bizzarre ain’t far from sin
Looks parched, but she’s barfing again
Stark but dim
Dark but lit
Put on my armor, Tony Stark shit
Not tryna spark shit
Larking while I’m lurking
Parked it when she swerved in
Caught looking
Hottie took him up a flight, he was looking to fight
Shit’s on ice, my stomach rumbling
Something not right
God damn that jam will really rattle ya
Still paddling through Styx ducking dicks taking pics of chicks shaking
The tricks waiting in the solo
She probably know though
Only kid not in slo-mo

(PCP is so strange)
(And so then I started feeling really weird)

This is for the ones looking for a fun time,
One time
Not even one time
Cul-de-sac cauldron
Tried to warm them…

Ignored him
Drunk, pumped I stumble over
Myself and I can’t-
I couldn’t say moshi twice
But the Bic in my pocket
So betwixt my fingertips can stay lit
Yeah, they say him hit pit but I’m feel I’m rising
And everybody eyeing
The lion in his den who lost all zen
The lines been bent
Light shines like gems
No lie my friend
There’s more that I can comprehend
Yet when sun rise, I can not tell you where I’ve been
Felt right when Aphrodite passed my sight
Then left dent to my face
Right from the right and then I saw night
But I’ll remember Buck’s eyes when-

Buck: I saw the way you were looking at her!
Janus: C’mon! Buck!
Buck: Look one more time, do it!
Janus: You should really get out…
*ear ringing*
Janus: Buck!
Buck: Say something now, bitch

I’m the motherfucker that spiked the punch
Don’t that make the stew witches brew?

I’m the desperado, the lone desperado
Shoot your platoon hollow at noon
Swallow the sun
The moon soon follows
Hallowed as I’ve become are the dunes in which I wallow

*voicemail tone*
Janus: Hey you…I know what happened was out of hand - I hope everything is alright…

Homie 1: Man, can’t you just hangout with her tonight instead or something
Janus: Just call me back if you can
Homie 2: Yeah man why we gotta do this wild desperado sh-
Lem: Do you have the mask.
Homie 2: I mean yeah but…
Lem: Let’s go. Don’t forget, meet back at the car next to the forest.
Track Name: Glory
Homie 2: *heavy breathing*
Lem: Ya’ll grab everything you can, I’ma be at the register
Homie 1: Can’t we just-
Lem: We’re already here!
Homie 2: O - okay, okay
Lem: Ready?!

You know what this is! Show me the m-

Spinning that
Linnen and cotton, cop that
Drop that
He wears the cloth
He bears the cost
He fears God, but swears to his guap
Swear the cha-ching gimme bling
Skinny sing for a ring-ring
Who is this?
Mister New Wrist
I like how it fits,
Better watch when I move fist
More precise and time is money
So when I set my ice it ain’t shit funny
Cut me lines of the dumber dopes
But they still ain’t sniffing, doing ‘em
Too busy listening to ‘em
Hurry up gimme
Don’t make me make you shimmy
Got this neo-gimme-some-feedback apparat in me left
Act daft and a kid’ll go deft
Settle, for show a kid’ll meddle in theft
So they save their bread
So as they say, saving my breath
Cause talk is cheap
But cheap ain’t free
And green keep me till I’m free in death

For real, for real, AH!

[Red + Lem]
(better pray)
Mother we riding
Seven billion homies who Bonnie and Clyde-ing

In this dry land oasis
To be green faces
That’s the basics, stick to ‘em
Gruesome in each pace, stuck it to ‘em
We bohemian
Don’t see the meaning in it
So for feces is my thesis
I see your china fall to pieces when leaves leave
He and ye easily a fiend when it’s lock, key
I know you’re not too keen
But see son, look B, you are real
You are real
You are still victim to eclipse
Know id trick, son
Same casted,
Blasted axis
Zig zag passes to the cashes
Had to the cash the cashier
Gone with a twist of the pisiform
Had to imply the pistol in my other grip
Sick, viscous
Spit in his visage
He holds wishes
Just another one of us, he still pisses

And no matter the size of my head
Still a feather to the lead
Still tethered to the dollar thread

(No better till your dead, cheddar cheddar)

We wind up dead, we wind up dead
Kill your neighbor for a block of bread
We wind up dead, we wind up dead
We wind up dead, we wind up id
Track Name: Green Dragon
You may think you know where your souls are gonna go
But they’re already back where they started
Like seeds in this withering, no-sign-of-spring garden
But that’s the thing,
Spring has sprung
And it will spring again
Your soles may be tired
But they’ll keep running
And running…

(The cycle knows no end)
(Rose grows and then it’s frozen)
(See you in samsara then, I’ll see you in samsara then)

*running through twigs and branches*
*heavy panting*
Lem: Janus?
Janus: Hey you, are you okay?
Lem: …
Janus: Don’t worry, you don’t have to say anything
Lem: I’m sorry I - I just, don’t feel like myself right now
Janus: Do you wanna smoke?
Lem: Yeah, sure, sure

*lighter flick*

Chi within the heat
Stringed to these deities
Please not so easily to sway where he next lay
So I pray
Cause it’s coming round
Drown in her wound around her hair
It’s unclear why she here
Now it’s all components
Yet alone, now I fear being known
Roam in a realm
Spoken softly in a double tone

How you know? How you know?

Don’t is said
I am led
By sirens screaming
Till ears is bled
You are never dead
You are never caught
It will never stop
You were never right
You were always bought
You were always wrong
You are fucking green
You are fucking gone

*running through twigs and branches*
*heavy panting*

Janus: Where are you going?? Come back!

*owl hoots*
*monk chant*
*car door slam*

Lem: Oh shit shit shit shit, fuck

*fumbling with car keys*
*starts the ignition*

Radio Commercial: They’re going back!

Emergency Radio Broadcast: This just in, there’s been a robbery at the Duke and Duchess on West Dublin Granville, and one of the masked suspects escaped and is possibly armed

Lem: Shit!

Emergency Radio Broadcast: Cau- ca- roughly five foot ten and last seen running towards the pine forest nearby

Buck: Look one more time, do it!

*gasping for air*

*bird chirping*

Mom: Hey, who’s in there with you?

*lighter flicks*

Lem: Okay, okay

*flowing river water*

*woman screaming*

Lem: *panting heavily*
*woman crying*

*police sirens*

Lem: *breathing deeply* Okay, okay

*rolls down window*

Officer: Do you know why I stopped you tonight son?


*gun shot*
*ear ringing*

*car speeds away*

*forest burning*
*gasping for air*

Officer: Hello? Can ya hear me? Are you high? You know what, how bout you get out.

*owl hoot*