If You Are Afraid to Shake the Dice, You Will Never Throw A Seven (Outtaheu)

from by The Freaking Plus Entity

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Don’t let people fuck with you like that man
Next time some shit happens, I’ll be right around the corner

[Red + Lem]
These puppets don’t work
Like taking appliances to the EU
Teeth dripping
Sheath rip
Slipped finger
Missing limb, feeling more limberer?
Simmer down ‘fore they slings more lingo
Dogs are dingos
Yo jimbo
Thirty million youth crash and clash like cymbals
Temple taught ‘em aim for temples, simple sect
Ripple effect then tickle our necks, dimples rosy now
Nosey? Nose flows not so slowly now

Blow me pal
46 homies and none of ‘em know me
Roaming Shaoshi, crown peaked one-thou
Allow me to demonstrate how I eat lemon cake
After peeling the headman’s pate then meditate
When it waits it dies
Yes, more for the flies
Watch the eyes
Bed-Stuy to Shanghai, we gonna die
It’s a Subaru thang
Check the boomerang nebula
And play it low-temperature
Beware emperor
Kill the messenger
He hold three-fold the regular we know
What is said is best spread on the d-low

So keeps it shine shine son
Got six son, but word to seven what is yours is mine son
Brethren, run
Yo, I know we living in hell
But if we tryna get out, at least we got the same cell

Class harass my ass past two
Teach my how to get the grass hue from rad dude failing mathematics
Average mind don’t mind, he should be fine
You need a scene to fit the crime
Science, slime, and stools
FDA approved, killer food for fools
Tool to break the glass
Take passage, wear glasses
Pass on passing rather pass passive hand-to-hand to slap daps to my mans
Just another nigga rattling cans
Not sitting, see the stance?
Rattling cans?
Rather tin-heads
Been dead since 7:30, trapped in this box
Can’t breathe, can’t see, can’t seize
Need seeds in better soil
EDU has got my plans foiled
Teaching trout to climb?
Lame men without legs to walk again
Rather zen than chew caps for pens
Gems will find themselves in your lens, focus
Forgo this cackling of the hens
Please borrow sense

No quarters, open eyes are free
Please teach, shut the fuck up
Z’s are important
Touring text books are for the lost
With a core toss up
Honestly I’ve learned more from jerking off, jerk-off
Put a word to cost, cause it hurts to be lost
Colossus yearns to learn thoughts and seize conscious
But relax black, axis wane-wax
Nah nigga, cause we’re all here regardless

Lem: Yo, I know you tryna smoke right now
Red: Like, over there?
Lem: Yo, you wanna?
Red: …I gotta -
Lem: Get that? I know what’s up with you and Janus. Say something man, she make you nervous or some shit?
Red: She just…confuses me
Lem: Alright fuck that, I’ma hit this jay though

Kid 1: Why was Janus in the forest?

Kid 3:…Janus was helping him calm down, but it didn’t seem to do him any good. He ran away, without saying a word
Kid 2: Pfft
Kid 3: Janus didn’t see him again ‘till the first day of school. She was nervous to talk to him, but he seemed better
Kid 1: Why, was he sick or something?
Kid 3: When they started talking, Buck showed up and tried to knock him out again. But this time was different. Beat Buck up so bad, some say that he was possessed!
Kid 1: Whoa
Kid 2: Pfft
Kid 3: So the principal kicked him out of school, and said that he could never come back


from S A M S A R A, released March 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Plus Columbus, Ohio

yin yang, can't hang, you already know the name, it's the freaking plus entity in your vicinity, I know it's cold outside, but after these rhymes? you're going to feel the humidity.

Not even 19 years old, must of lived 7 past lives
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