Lunar Farside Highlands Problem

from by The Freaking Plus Entity

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Strike while the irons hot cause I’m probably the man you want
I won and win with taunts
Flaunt his pompous mantra, appraise the fauna
Dawn on conning a cat
No knack for knowing reactions
The sun is in the tunnel soon
Funnel wounds, red into this pen till the spouts drown
Bow down
Yeah the crown kinda off center
Broken vendor
Fender bender
Lent a bent led pencil
Can’t even eat my fucking cereal without being vetted
While my sedatives settle in
And the tendons in his bends resting
No less than him and no lesson learned, well they just won’t get it
Beware I’m in the bottom of your twelfth beer
Listen here
Fear the flare but you can’t steer anywhere
And stair by stair, you find your stare at a rifle
And this may never end, but your life will

One should never stand stifled
Prepare for night
We’ll iron-sight your solar plexus
Till restlessness is bested
Tech testing him, check him with the shells left in
Vested in him the nectar of the hectic
Redirected to the logs where he lay and lie, and build supply
His eyes ride oddly
Cause he just inhaled the flora, till he’s not sure what he’s sure of
Endure a cure to break this lure, but ain’t no purer aura
So spawn the coroner
Torments for young’n’s to come
The cycle was never done

Watch me spin
Like a top in a dream

I mean, don’t be afraid to show your emotions

Ready to dawn spite like he’s on sprite mixed other fixings and a little bit of fruit punch
Punching this kid, kicking his lid in
In his mitts he hid a slidable
Thought I was rideable
Little did he know his spine was pliable
Enough with the riff raff
Get his wrist ripped so I can quickly dip class
Silly how he misses math work
Spits with a lisp, and now his misses has to give him baths, jerk
All cause he had to smirk
How much you think your bones worth?
See you on my old earth

(told you to leave him alone yo)
Buck: Fuck man alright
*sounds of fighting against the lockers*

Hey, hey!
Separate, separate immediately!
Hey, hey you two, hey stop!
Get off each other!
Get off the premises now!
Go home, c’mon

There’s only one period left anyways


from S A M S A R A, released March 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Plus Columbus, Ohio

yin yang, can't hang, you already know the name, it's the freaking plus entity in your vicinity, I know it's cold outside, but after these rhymes? you're going to feel the humidity.

Not even 19 years old, must of lived 7 past lives
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