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Silence he speaks
He keeps his doo spiked right like a crown
Do you know why?
Damn right supergiant mother -
Bones rome amidst the jungle with his fist itching to rumble
Dreaming ‘bout when I’m older I’ma super nova
So he keeps it solar, check the corona
Naw, if only I could think of what to write
If only I didn’t have to think I’d be alright
Bit the fucking fist that was feeding me poison
Now I can’t help hearing voices
Gravity really got me down but when I kick that, you better watch out
Ooh, this kid’s got guts in him
Wants to shake the world, I wonder what’s up with him

Lungs fill with new O2
Can’t break the snake chains, still holding hopeful
Park bound hound
No novice to the bark, rather wallow in it
Find solace in it
Hallowed be the binge
Weathering my sins
Should I embrace or break them
My trace been desecrating
Pace pace to a new face
Gotta find a new trade
Same slave, just a new yard, different whip

But if this earth is dusting, I should keep on crushing just for the pump of it
Drunk with the spliff, won’t stop at the stump
Cutting, edging till it’s hidden in the dust and rust and I was raised in it
The cups, the buds, the lust, trust that I won’t cease till crease

Summer comes
Summer’s gone
Water flows
Water falls
Leaves fall
Then they grow
Then they fall
And then we fall
And the tides rise
And the sky high
But the roots wise
And the eyes lie
So watch where your eyes lie
Yes out of one there’s many
Plenty stars, but only one sun, ready?

Dough flows then it goes
Dro glows then it’s smoke
Rose grows then it’s frozen
The cycle knows no end
On and on and on and

Dough flows then it goes
Smoke dope till you’re dead
Rose grows then it’s frozen
The cycle knows no end
On and on and on -

*Passanger car door slams*

I’ll pick you up at seven honey! Meet some new friends!

[Community Payback Instructor]
Hey! You must be *bleep*
We’re planting some trees today, so
Why don’t you go ‘head ’n grab a shovel


from S A M S A R A, released March 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Plus Columbus, Ohio

yin yang, can't hang, you already know the name, it's the freaking plus entity in your vicinity, I know it's cold outside, but after these rhymes? you're going to feel the humidity.

Not even 19 years old, must of lived 7 past lives
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