Triple Reuptake Inhibitor

from by The Freaking Plus Entity

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Careful he might try and shoot your windows out…

Buck: Hi I’m Buck!
Red: Hi, I’m-
Buck: Ugly? I know.

Stop picking on me!
Stick up post-it’s sticked up on me
Kicking on me
Rickety stick walking
Helmet-head, gay, said way too much, acting too tough
Redirected to his place
Fist intercepted by his face
Intrepid lickity-split pace
Spit on his kicks, tripped in the race
Ass felt asphalt, asking adult
Justice? What was this?
Nothing was budging at all
The whole wide world spinning in my hands now
All I need is a plan
How I ran through the halls and hid in the stalls
Crawling after that hit in the balls
Shit that I saw
Writs that I scrawled
Paw tell me, ‘he ain’t nothing’
Well, he had something there
But believe me, I wasn’t trying to be the bigger man
Kid was bitter man
First he littered his sense, then lent his fist to this bigger man
Get shin splint
Man shizz got sizzling, pop-cracking
Got a few smacks in but went home limping
No fucking difference
But he packed heat in his backpack and stood at good distance
The bell had rung and so the plan had sprung into action
Some BBs in the chamber of my Daisy
May he be in danger
Aimed straight for the refrigerator through the pane
He felt the pain, so he wanted the same
For the dang lame that was calling him lame!
Bent over on the curb, right next to the drain
Unzipped the shit, but before I gripped it, it was all in vain
He came down the lawn wondering what my hand was upon
Then laid hands upon

Don’t let me catch you creeping round these parts!
Or I’ll be grim reaping
Left sneaking
Left swiftly
I never got shit from his shifty fist again, sorta fishy

You better stay outta -
You better stay away from me, huh!
You almost shot my wind- oh hey!
You almost shot my windows out!
Get out of here…lame!
Talk too much gay!
Yeah, hide in the bathroom

Watch your back bitch

Yeah punk ass, see you in the hallways


from S A M S A R A, released March 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Plus Columbus, Ohio

yin yang, can't hang, you already know the name, it's the freaking plus entity in your vicinity, I know it's cold outside, but after these rhymes? you're going to feel the humidity.

Not even 19 years old, must of lived 7 past lives
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