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I’m not doing
What my momma told me (I’m sorry momma)
I love her, but
I love her butt (that tushy of that shorty)
And you might scold me (you might scold me)
But what’s the use (look at that caboose)
Look at that caboose (do you see them god damn buns)

(Lem sings)
(baby, watch the teeth)

Damn chick
I’ma take your ass to wood-shop class, and be your teacher
Pleased to meet ya
Pleased to eat ya
Wish it was easier to see ya after hours to deflower
It don’t matter if you got a garden
I’m too involved in how you look in denim
Tension bending round tendons
Breaking my cerebellum, dumb from the rising kelvin
Not to mention, the size of your chest - and eyes
I analyze it, still so surprising that I
Can’t keep my eyes off that thickness
Oh my goodness

It’s easy to fall in love
But not so simple, when ya wanna fuck
This I should know
So can we go…

Sometimes I make mac n cheese but butter the noodles and eat ‘em with salt
And then, use the cheese packets on the angel hair
I didn’t see danger there till she met my eyes with her big, beautiful, blue-green irises
Hi miss, I might just spit when I talk
But I just get excited
Yo, I saw when your angel hair alighted on your caramel shoulders
When we get older, I hope I know some more about you
Hope my breath is bearable, told her …
Well I haven’t said anything yet but, I bet I’d sweat it
Treading lightly, uptight likely
Or hyped just like me
On sight type B personality, personally bilateral
See her next time, I’ll talk to her then, I guess

Somewhere alone so I can roam all of your creases
Make it pleasing for you
You know I don’t mind the funk
Just bring that trunk

B-Before seven because my mom comes home then

Yab-yab-yab yum
You know that back-back-back make me act dumb
Yeah, yeah
Gra-grab ‘em while they’re young
Stab ‘em in the lungs, scab ‘em on the tongue
It’s all love
Cat-cat-cat come
Numb to jacking, I want you under my thumbs
Yeah, yeah
Snack-snack-snack yum
You know that back-back-back-back is the reason I attack hun

Hey you, you don’t have to say anything
I was just wondering if you wanted to come over after school?
Maybe we could talk there?
Don’t listen to them
So whattya say?

(This bitch thinks he can spit game at your girl again)
(C’mon ya’ll leave that boy alone)
(Piece of shit!)
(C’mon, yo, yo leave him alone)
(He must think his balls dropped)
(Buck I think you better get over here I don’t think he learned his lesson)
(Yo leave him alone!)

Hey, what the hell do you think you’re doing?


from S A M S A R A, released March 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Plus Columbus, Ohio

yin yang, can't hang, you already know the name, it's the freaking plus entity in your vicinity, I know it's cold outside, but after these rhymes? you're going to feel the humidity.

Not even 19 years old, must of lived 7 past lives
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